Melco is the meeting point for the IT, PAE and personal care retail channel – a Trade Show in the format of a Professional Business club.

The only show in Spain, Portugal and Andorra dedicated to the distribution of new technologies, home appliance and personal care, Melco is the professional meeting point that brings together key suppliers and buyers in the industry.

Melco is a Professional Business Club

  • Exclusive access for exhibitors and hosted buyers invited by the Organization
  • 3 days of scheduled meetings defined by participants’ preferences

Melco is strictly orientated towards generating Business opportunities and quality contacts. The objective of Melco is that all participants can maximise the return on their investement. Melco is a great opportunity to concentrate in three days a program of meetings which by other means would take months to organize.

Melco is much more than Retail

In Melco, the decision makers for all channels that permit suppliers to target consumers are present.  Retail, as the channel with the largest volume, has a priority presence at the event.  However, other channels are present:

Specialist Department Stores / Generalist Department Stores  / Buying Groups for specialist stores / Buying Groups for the Electronic Goods channel / E-tailers / Private Buying Groups / Promotions & Incentives Channel

Sure-Fire Results

Melco gives endless opportunities to contact your main clients in a shared environment with all professionals: hotels, lunches, transfers, etc. It is an exclusive event that helps you to get the maximum number of contacts with your most suitable partners to generate new business opportunites, close deals, launch products, etc.

In addition it also helps you to hget contacts throught our Agendas system.

Melco 2015 had more than 1800 meetings in the official Agenda.

We connect professionals.