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A Glimpse at Emerging Technologies in 2016

IoT, Wearables, Virtual Reality and 3D Printing; Here a number of analysts from CONTEXT, the leading European IT market analysis company, share their views on emerging technology trends in 2016. The brand landscape of 3D Printing will continue to change in 2016 In 2016 the influence of major IT brands...

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Three ways to control your future smart home

We’re a nation obsessed by smartphones, with 71 per cent[1] of us owning at least one of these indispensable devices. So it will come as no surprise that research from CONTEXT, the leading European IT marketing analysis company, shows that one of the most important factors when it comes to driving...

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Smart Lights – The Gateway Gadget

With homes getting smarter by the day, an analyst from CONTEXT, the leading European IT market analysis company, gets to grips with the latest in lighting technology. It’s happened, the smarts are in. Those shamefully retrograde lightbulbs? Out, gone, vamoose. Well, at least two of them are, filaments and all,...

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Smart Home – will the kitchen lead the way?

Many people have come back from IFA saying they did not find much exciting buzz around the products – well I had a thrill seeing Amazon Echo in action as well as the acceleration of interconnection and the smart kitchen. “Alexa, please tell James to prepare the kitchen for breakfast,”...

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